Missed Your Chance to Help TECHNE?



Dear Friend, 

TECHNE Still Needs Your Support! 

Thanks to over 100 contributors TECHNE met our initial Indiegogo Fundraising goal of $4,000 on July 2nd. Suzanne Thorpe and I will be starting our Girls Rock Camp Electronic Music Workshop tour on Monday July 29th heading to San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle!

But here’s the catch — 

A grant that we were counting on securing has not come through leaving us about $1,000 short of meeting our budget for this trip. 

Our expenses so far have included 

  • About $1,200 of new equipment needed for workshops including, soldering irons, helping hands, wire strippers, goggles, contact microphones, adapters and more.
  • $1200 for 2 Roundtrip Airfare from East Coast to West Coast
  • $1000 car rental and estimated gas for 16 days

Suzanne and I are humbly reaching out again for your support. If you missed a chance to contribute and would still like to support TECHNE and Girls Rock Camps, please consider donating now through my secure PayPal account.

For as little as $10  you can help fund this ambitious project teaching over 100 young girls and women at Girls Rock Camps how to build contact microphones and explore improvised electronic music! 

Please consider offering your support! 

Eternally grateful
Bonnie Jones & Suzanne Thorpe