Help Bring Techne to Girls Rock Camps!


Show your support with a donation to our Indiegogo campaign!

This year we’re super excited about our new partnership with several US-based Girls Rock Camps. Our 2013/2014 goal is to bring our Electronic Music: Powered by Girls workshop to as many of their campers as possible!

To kick off our collaboration, we’re hitting the road this summer heading West to run workshops in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

A partnership between Girls Rock Camps and TECHNE is an awesome opportunity for us to work with organizations that already understand the transformative role of musical expression in a young girl’s life. Together we strengthen each other’s programming, outreach and commitment.

Girls Rock camps are independent and staffed primarily by volunteers. Each camp has to negotiate the various pressures of balancing excellent programming and staff and increasing better access to students with tight and getting tighter budgets.

And here’s where you come in…

By contributing to our campaign TECHNE has a chance to provide unique programming without placing additional financial burden on the individual camps.

Your support will enable TECHNE and Girls Rock camps to offer kick-ass workshops in electronic music to young women!

Please consider supporting our Indiegogo campaign!

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